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Musical Production Services in St. John’s

Choosing a studio can be difficult when you are looking for high-quality recording gear within your budget. Record Time Productions is the right choice in terms of both the overall sound of the recording and providing packages within your budget. Our musical production services in St. John’s include:

Music CD and DVD production
Custom music recording
Commercial production
Artist development
Audio mastering
Music and commercial production
Post-production audio
Film and video soundtrack production
Web audio recording
Surround mixing
Film scoring
Sound recording for picture

A Broader View of Our Services

With our experience and creativity, you can count on us to design the sound that will not only attract customers but will also drive your business forward. From concept to finished product, you can expect us to take care of every aspect of your project requirements.

We provide location-sound recording as well as post-production editing and mixing for advertisement, films and other multimedia projects. Whether your project needs recording or editing, our experienced team will deliver quality results.

Custom Music

Our composers can create and produce any kind of music according to your project needs. We understand that it is all about tapping into the mind and heart of the listener.Call us today!

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