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Record Time Productions offers various services including sound for picture, audio forensics, restoration, format conversions, and more.

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Audio Recording and Production Suite in St. John

Are you a band recording your first demo? Is your multimedia company looking for post-production support? Record Time Productions is a full-service audio recording and production company based in St. John’s, NL. Our wide range of services includes:

  • DVD production
  • Automated dialog replacement (ADR)

We also offer digital transfers from various formats and audio restoration to preserve your old recordings. Our passionate team of audio wizards also delivers the sonics.

Full-service Audio Production Suite

Specifically designed and built in 1994 as a professional audio production suite, we provide you with a comfortable atmosphere for audio production. As the name suggests, audio production covers recording, mixing, and processing of voiceovers and music along with audio mastering.

In our acoustically designed live room and control room, you will experience the sound quality that you may be missing from home recording. Don't second guess your mix, send us your tracks and let us offer an assessment. Our live room is an ideal place to record live-off-the-floor bands, small choirs, as well as acoustic ensembles.

Award-winning Sound Design and Mixing

Being an intimate group of musicians, producers, and listeners, we compose music, mix sound, look for talented voices, and produce award-winning sound designs. With this, we cater to the needs of a variety of disciplines including television production, theatre, post-production, and more.

Tailor-made Package for All Budgets

Whether you need audio recording for advertisements or you want to record for your band, we can provide you with a package according to your needs. You can expect us to include recording, mixing, editing, and more in a package within your budget.

Looking for Music to Use in Advertising?

We can create custom music for any project according to the needs.

Why Choose Us?

Our acoustically designed studio has been serving St. John’s for 25 years.

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Record Time Productions

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